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The unique aspects and opportunity for your organization/business
with Cards by Dr. Sharon: a full line of cards for all occasions.

Cards by Dr. Sharon is a new and ground breaking greeting card line that is described as “Cards with a Purpose”. Cards by Dr. Sharon are inspiring, celebratory and multifaceted—all the things desired for the perfect greeting card. However, the uniqueness of this line of greeting cards is its direct link to wellness. By giving Cards by Dr. Sharon—you not only give a holiday, thank you, comfort or special acknowledgment—you also give lifelong health and wellness tips that are on the back of each card. A Moment of Health and Wellness provides valuable information about health and well-being for the card’s recipient. The artistry, the inspiring words sets your company apart from others and demonstrates to the recipient your genuine interest in nurturing and maintaining your business relationship, whether they are employees, members/associates, colleagues or clients.

Cards by Dr. Sharon are also described as the cards that keep on giving. This has a deeper meaning because 10% of the purchase price of each card will be donated to the Avon Foundation for Women to support its mission to improve the lives of women through its ongoing efforts to fight breast cancer and the devastating cycle of domestic violence. Your company’s purchase from Cards by Dr. Sharon increases the philanthropic impact and allows the Avon Foundation to touch additional lives.

Customized for Your Business Organization

We have the ability to work directly with you in creating a greeting card to exceed your organization’s needs in reaching your recipients. Cards by Dr. Sharon will customize your greeting cards with your electronic signature on the inside. We add your logo/photo and company’s messaging into A Moment of Health and Wellness on the back of each card. Our team works directly with you to customize the Health and Wellness topic to fit your organization or industry. This can be done with any of our cards and we can work with you to develop a specialized card just for your needs, while maintaining the creativity and health/wellness messaging. While we are introducing this concept with our Holiday line, this can be applied to our Thank You, Birthday, Encouragement or any other cards in our diverse line. There are minimum order requirements and we’ll be happy to discuss specifications with you.


1. Your Business: Insert your business logo or other image

a. XYZ Inc. values our customers and we appreciate your business. We see you as a valued partner and we wanted to share valuable health/wellness information with you.

b. Your business can work with our team in selecting an appropriate topic for the wellness messaging. For instance, a law firm specializing in personal injury may want to give information on car safety, avoiding accidents, questions for the Emergency Room, etc. A manufacturing company may want to give on-the-job safety tips for its employees’ holiday greeting cards. A fitness club or personal trainer may want to focus on the benefits of exercise, and the list goes on. The Cards by Dr. Sharon team will work with your company on developing a message that is right for you.

c. Your business information would be listed (discreetly) on the card.

2. Your Civic/Social Organization or Church: Insert your church or organization’s logo or other images such as a Pastor or President’s photo.

a. Example 1: First XYZ Church is dedicated to addressing your spiritual needs but is also concerned about your physical needs. Thank you for joining our family of believers. Example 2: XYZ Association values our members and supporters. We thank you for your continued commitment and we remain committed to our ideals. We encourage you to live a full and healthy life.

b. Your church or organization can work with our team in selecting an appropriate topic for the wellness messaging. For instance, a church may want to send a welcome card to new members and focus on general health/wellness; a nonprofit organization that raises funds for cancer awareness may want to share information on health/screenings for that disease. A member organization/association may want to send holiday cards that include safety tips for the season. Your organization/church can customize a birthday card which focuses on general health/wellness to be carried throughout the year and the opportunities are limitless. The Cards by Dr. Sharon team will work with your organization/church in developing a message that is right for you.

c. Your organization/church information would be listed (discreetly) on the card.

This provides an overview of this unique opportunity. To learn more about Cards by Dr. Sharon contact us.

Carlden Media, Marketing and Publishing Inc. is the publisher of this innovative line.

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