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What People are Saying...

We have received feedback from consumers (givers and receivers) that has been overwhelming and so gratifying. We are truly the “cards that keep on giving”!


*Names and identifying information has been omitted to ensure privacy*


“I received one of your cards for my 50th birthday and all I can say is WOW. I never keep cards, but I’m keeping this one!” –LC

“Thank you for ministering to my during my time of loss with a sympathy card. My co-worker gave me a card from your line and I had to find out where it came from. Cards by Dr. Sharon are a Godsend as it truly touched my heart and made me think about how I get through my grief.” –RW

“My best friend gave me the “Virtuous Woman” card and I ordered a set for the women’s Bible Study group at my church. They are stunning! I am ordering your entire inspirational line.” –JS

“I was given a card from your line with the artwork of Danny Broadway on it for Mother’s Day. I have framed the card—it is gorgeous! The words spoke to my heart.” –SM

“Dr. Sharon, the cards are PHENOMENAL….just like the Phenomenal card that my boyfriend gave me! I love your books, website, and articles and now I get to have “little pieces” of your writing with your cards. I am your biggest fan— you go!” — KWD

“I simply LOVE these cards….I want them ALL! The problem is that they are so beautiful; I don’t want to send them! Great cards and the back is an added bonus.” — MW

“…I hope that this message gets to you. I want you to know that my sister gave me one of your cards– Take a Step and it was the first time that she acknowledged that she knew the hell that I was living through. I was too ashamed to tell her that for the last 6 years I have been spit on, hit, kicked and raped by my husband. He constantly told me that i was nothing and that i could not make it without him. I have four kids and work part time but he is the main breadwinner in the house. On the outside we look perfect, he’s even a deacon in our church. However, at least weekly I am emotionally abused and though not as much– he has slapped me and hit me. After giving me a black eye– he now really just hits me and squeezes me in areas that can’t be seen. It is now the usual for him to force himself on me sexually and I have gotten to the point that I don’t resist at all because I don’t want to be hit. After the physical abuse, he does apologize and it usually gets better for about a week or two but then it goes back to the way it was. I have chosen to take it and to live through this without telling anyone.

I didn’t know that my sister knew…until she sent me the card. I was able to then talk to her about it and through our tears and her support we have come up with a plan for me and my children. I have not left yet but I am leaving at the end of the month and before my children go back to school. I know that is not the best situation but I have planned it out and my sister is helping me get things together.

I want to thank you for putting out the card. I am not using my name but I want you to know that you were God sent and that I am really going to “Take a Step” out of this mess of a life into a new one. I don’t care what it takes! Your words spoke to my soul and I keep the card in my purse and read it every day. If my story encourages you to keep doing what you’re doing and if it helps anyone else in my situation, please share. Thank you. “ –TVP

“I bought several of your cards at Southern Charm and I have NEVER gotten such a response from my friends and family. Absolutely everybody that I’ve sent the cards to has called me raving about them. Even my niece who I also sent a check called and actually read the card back to me! They are the most beautiful and “complete” cards that I’ve seen. I can’t wait for the Christmas line.” –GW

“WOW, that’s all I can say. My mom sent a congratulations card to me from your line. I was taken with the look but the words made me smile and I felt like it spoke just to me. I’ve never seen anything like these cards and the messaging on the back is the extra ummmmppphhh that makes it special. I’m on a budget but I ordered three of the boxed collections. WOW—keep it up.” –PH

“My son gave me the “Heard You’re Feeling Blue” card and I had to tell you that you changed my life with your words. I was shocked that my son could see through my mask and saw my real pain. He went with me to the doctor and I am getting help. Thank you so much, my son was able to talk to me about my sadness by using your card. God Bless you, I wanted you to know that you are making a difference.” –GS

“Thanks Dr. Sharon for helping me get my husband to make an appointment. He just turned 50 and I gave him the Happy 50th Birthday Card— he actually copied the back and took it to his doctor and talked with him about the recommended tests. Who would have thought! Great job” –V

“What a great idea! I received a Thank you card from my next door neighbor. It was beautiful and I actually called her to thank her and she told me to make sure that I read the back. WOW, what a neat idea…I am ordering cards and box sets TODAY.” –BK

“Great idea! My sister purchased cards after hearing you speak— she bought several for me to give as well. I can’t tell you how impressed I am—the quality, the graphics and the words all flow. These are the most beautiful cards that I’ve seen and the back with the wellness information is simply brilliant—easy to understand! WOW—I’ve sent out the cards and I’m buying more. Do you have Christmas cards?” –PL

“I am a breast cancer survivor and I want to commend you on all of your card line. I also want to thank you for making the commitment to The Avon Foundation to support breast cancer research. My husband bought the “One is Not Born a Woman” card and a few others for me…. I am ordering 2 dozen of the cards and will use it to spread motivation to women that are walking the same road that I have. I LOVE the motivation and empowerment—I also love the facts on the back of the card. You are a godsend! Keep it up.” –DSP

“Thanks for getting me out of the doghouse with my wife! I bought several of your cards and while they didn’t make it all go away—she was impressed and understood that I cared. Working on it….. the funny note is that while she was complaining about getting a card and me not communicating—she stopped mid sentence and asked—“Where did you get this card, this is different”— we then talked about the card line–she did eventually get back to the argument but it definitely helped! Seriously, keep up the great work.” –RW

“Just want you to know this is an awesome card line!!! Love the graphic art, the wording is phenomenal, and the healthy message is the cherry on top. I’m definitely ordering for my store.” –SM

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